Lundell, a native of Long Beach, California, is an outstanding artist specializing in oil paintings and fine cloisonné enamels. She has shown her work in galleries, museums, and art shows throughout the United States, in addition to winning international acclaim for her outstanding artistic skill.


1970-71 Master of Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing-
        Rhode Island School of Design  
1964-69 Bachelor of Arts, Drawing and Painting-
        California State University at Long Beach


2007 Brandstater Gallery, La Sierra University,   Riverside, Ca.
2003 Agape, Los Angeles, California
2002-06  Brewery Art Colony, Los Angeles, California
1995     Primal Elements, Long Beach, California
1982   Cargo West, Long Beach, California
1980   William Rogers Gallery, Fresno, California
1979    William Rogers Gallery, Fresno, California
1978   William Rogers Gallery, Fresno, California
1977  William Rogers Gallery, Fresno, California
1975  Downey Museum of Art, Downey, California
1970 Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island



2007  EcoArt,  Barnsdall Junior Arts Gallery, LA. California
2007  On The Edge, Riverside Community College, Riverside, Calif.
2007  Women in the Arts, La Sierra University, Riverside, Calif.
2007  A Life in the Woods, Rio Hondo College Gallery, Whittier, California
2006   Curators Choice,  SCWCA Gallery, LA, California
2006   Primarily Red, I-5 Gallery, LA California
2005  20/20, I-5 Gallery, LA, California
2005-06   Curator’s Choice, SCWCA Gallery, LA, California
2004 Dreams and Voyages, LA, California
2000-07 Brewery Art Show, I-5 Gallery, LA, California
2002   Glass Garage Gallery, LA, California
1999  Writer’s Boot Camp, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, California
1999 Upstairs at the Market Gallery, Los Angeles, California
1999-07   Contemporary Crafts Market, San Francisco, California
1999  Johrei Gallery, Los Angeles, California
1998   Old Pasadena Summer Fest, Pasadena, California
1997-06   Celebration of Craftswomen, San Francisco, California
1997   Beverly Hills Affaire in the Garden, Beverly Hills, California
1997-98    Brentwood Spring Art Festival, Del Mano, Brentwood, California
1996-98  Pasadena Fall Fine Art & Craft Fair, Pasadena, California
1996-07  Contemporary Crafts Market, Santa Monica, California
1995-06  Women's Spirit Winter Solstice Faire, Long Beach, California
1996  Meta Gallery, Santa Ana, California
1996  Orange County Jazz and Art Festival, Fullerton, California
1996  Advertising Arts Building, Santa Ana, California
1995-96  Desmond Gallery, Los Angeles, California
1985  James Turcotte Gallery, Los Angeles, California
1982   The Philadelphia Art Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1982   The Artisan Shop and Gallery, Wilmette, Illinois

Smithsonian Renwick Gallery, New York Museum of Contemporary Crafts, John Michael Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

1976-80 Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, California
1978-80 Aaron Faber, New York
1978 International Shippo Exhibition, Japan
1978   Following Sea, Hawaii
1978  Aaron Faber, Martha’s Vineyard
1978  Long Beach Museum of Art, California


2001 KTYM Radio Show with Bobbie Howe, June 10th
1998 “Healing Voices”, Cable Television, Channel 68, May 1998
1996   CVI, Cable Television, March 1996
1978 CBS, Channel 2, November 1978
1978 Goldsmiths Journal (cover), October 1978, Appomattox, Virginia
1978 The Goodfellow Review, March-April 1978, Berkeley, California
1978 Independent Press Telegram, 11-3-78, Long Beach, California
1978 The Fresno Bee, Dec. 4, 1977, Fresno, California
1978 Fresno TV Channels 24 & 27, September 1978
1978 The Independent Press Telegram, September 1978, Long Beach, CA.
1976 International Festival of Enamels, September, Laguna Beach, CA.
1976 Independent Press Telegram, Front Page Life/Style, 11/20/75, Long Beach, CA.
1976 San Diego Union, June 10, 1976, San Diego, California
1976 Art for 1976, June 1976, Del Mar, California
1976 ETC. Magazine, September 1976, San Francisco, California



2002 Centrum Arts Creative Residency, Port Townsend, Washington
1977   Smithsonian Invitational Show, Renwick Gallery 
1976     Grand Prize, Cloisonné, International Festival
1975  Pendant presented to the First Lady, Mrs. Betty Ford
1973  Best of Show, Oil Painting, Southern California Expo
1970-71  European Honors Program, Rome, Italy
1970-71  Teaching Assistantship, Rome, Italy




Mr and Mrs. Carlson

Dr. Michael Beckwith, Reverend Agape

Past President and Mrs. Gerald Ford

Senator Horn

Graham Nash of Crosby Stills and Nash

Dr. and Mrs. Clark, Past Mayor of Long Beach

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Areen, Past Vice President, Chrysler Corporation

Ms. June Allyson

Mrs. Dean Martin

Dr. William Glasser

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ridder,

        Former owner, Long Beach Independent Press Telegram Newspaper

Mr. Thomas Ferriera, Past Chairman, Art Department, CSULB

Mr. and Mrs. Dion Martel, Past Chairman,

        Art History Department, California State University at Long Beach

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Swift, Past Chairman,

        Printmaking Department, California State University at Long Beach

Mr. Alberto Bolet, Past Conductor, Long Beach Symphony Orchestra

Dr. and Mrs. Suby Roy, Los Angeles, California

Mrs. Octavia Diener, Fresno, California

Mr. and Mrs. John Majors, Fresno, California

Dr. and Mrs. James Lehman, Christ Church, New Zealand

City of Oakland, City Hall

Les and Karen Weinstein

Les and Nancy Hight



1998 When Civilizations Die, Thea Iberall, author
1996 A Matter of Time and Poems, Thea Iberall, author
1978 Dog Kisses, Denise Kusel, author
1978   ETC., A Review of General Semantics, Vol 29, No. 3


TEACHING EXPERIENCE - Instructor in Art:

1980-81 Golden West College
1978 Hawaii Craftsman Workshop
1977 Willimantic, Connecticut
1977 Palomar College
1976 California State University at Long Beach
1976 Laguna Beach Museum of Art
1976 Laguna Beach Craft Association Workshop
1975 California State University at Long Beach, Art for Young People
1975  California State University at Los Angeles, Enameling
1972-75 Downey Museum of Art, Drawing and Painting
1973-74 California State University at Long Beach, Art 100 (Art Fundamentals)
1972-73 "Learning Tree," Creative Practices Council, Drawing
1972 California State University at Long Beach, Beginning Drawing
1970     Conti Art School, Multimedia: Painting, Drawing, Plastics, Wood, Mosaics, Ceramics, Sculpture